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For all our piercing information, check the piercing website :

Cyncia is with us every day from 12h30 until 17h30 for piercings, except for Tuesday and Sunday.

Walk ins only for piercings, no appointment needed!

We pierce with quality needles and quality internally threaded titanium jewelry

All piercings are pierced with a standard silver titanium internally threaded jewelry, with standard silver titanium ball. It is not possible to pierce with rings or other jewelry, since this does not improve the healing. 

Internally threaded titanium jewelry doesn’t damages the freshly pierced piercing, which will fasten the healing and lower the risk of infections, keloids and other discomforting situations.

Prices below, questions on

€30 – Industrials, Surfaces & Dermals

€25 – All other piercings 

€5 – Piercing aftercare spray (Sterile Salt Solution)

We don’t do genital piercings, with exception for nipple piercings (also 25€ per piece!)