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Closed due to Covid19 Lockdown (at least until 15 January), still answering mails!

We do not send designs in advance! All designs will be prepared for the day of your appointment, on that moment small adjustments still can be made. In case you want something very specific, please tell and explain your idea as specific as possible.

Come by the shop 

One way to make an appointment is to come by the shop.

This is possible every day from 11 until 17h except for Sunday!

We will always ask a deposit before booking an appointment.


If you cancel more than 48hours in advance (Sundays not included), we will give you a gift card with the value of your deposit. This gift card is available for 1 year.

If you cancel less than 48hours in advance, we will NOT refund your deposit and we will ask a new deposit if you want to make a new appointment.

If you decide to not show up on your appointment without letting us know, we will NOT refund your deposit and we WON’T give you a new appointment.

Book by mail

Since we are all pretty busy every day, we don’t mind making bookings by mail.

However, we will not book any appointments before receiving a deposit and before receiving a clear description of what it is you want.

Please send us a mail on with a clear description of what you want (including size, placement and example pictures)