We are not human Google/Pinterest copiers, each of us has his own style and we will always create a unique design in our style. This means you don’t have to ask to tattoo other styles. Check our artists page first to check if one of us does your desired style.

Come by the shop

The easiest way to make an appointment with Charlotte or Sam is to come by the shop.

This is possible every day from 11 until 18h except for Sunday!

We always ask a deposit before booking an appointment, for small tattoos this is 20 €, for medium sized tattoos 50 € and for large scaled pieces 100 – 150 €.


If you cancel more than 3 days in advance (Sundays not included), we will give you a gift card with the value of your deposit. This gift card is available for 1 year.

If you cancel less than 3 days in advance, we will NOT refund your deposit.

If you decide to not show up on your appointment without letting us know, we will NOT refund your deposit and you WON’T receive any other appointments.

Book online

If you have to travel a while to come to our shop, we also make appointments by mail.

However, we will not book any appointments before receiving a deposit.

How to :

  1. Transfer your deposit to our bank account : BE96 9792 4704 9305. DON’T FORGET TO ADD YOUR NAME!
    1. Small Tattoos – 20€
    2. Medium sized Tattoos – 50€
    3. Large Tattoos –> Best come by the shop or mail us in advance!
  2. Send us a mail or use the contact form below and add information about your tattoo
    1. Size
    2. Placement
    3. Color / Black and grey / Blackwork
    4. Style (add an example if this is easier)
    5. Full description of what you want
  3. Add when would be the best days you could come.
  4. We will send you some dates, best is to answer as quick as possible since spots can be taken quickly!